Where to watch series online for free?

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Lately with the pandemic we spend a lot of free time at home. So many people are looking for good sites where to watch series online for free. This time we talk about these sites that can offer you great content and you can watch them in HD. You should always keep in mind that for this, it is very important that you have a fairly stable internet.

The best options to watch your series online for free

Although we can rely on streaming services that are quite cheap, you can opt for other options. Especially because you have to pay for them monthly: Netflix, Disney Plus or Amazon Prime. So if you are looking for free entertainment, the first one we are going to recommend you is the Cuevana 3 web portal. It’s because the page has been closed several times and they are on model 3 of their series section. Besides that, it is important for you to know that this Cuevana 3 is much better than the payment platforms. This, because it loads the series quite fast and in HD.

Another website that you can find to watch your favorite series is Movidy. This web portal offers you some good features of use and also a portal of use quite clean and fast. In other words, this site sorts the series you want to watch by season or if they have a spin-off.


On the other hand, one of the best options you can have to watch online for free is the following. It is the web portal named serieskao.tv. This portal offers you very good content in series, quite ordered, updated. It has even published series before their premiere outside the Internet. Therefore, this page is one of the best in its style that you are going to enjoy using it.

Pages to watch series online for free and legal


This is a web portal where you can find a lot of variety to watch series online. They are mostly TV series that you can search here. This page also has a section of schedules and times so you can be aware when it’s time to see the chapter you want to see. It has two sections that are important to know such as the top and the don’t miss it. This will help you get to know better the content offered by this site.


Atresplayer Premium

It is also a good option to watch your series online. Although it has a lot of material that you can watch while browsing this page. What you can admire are TV shows, sports, interviews and news. It has a Premium section for you to watch Spanish and local television without any problem.


What can we tell you about this platform that has not been said before. It is a free platform where you can find a little bit of everything. As much as music videos, tutorials and so on. You can also watch complete TV series on the platform. Some navigation channels comply with uploading them for you to enjoy.


In the web ofertitas portal with the domain .es, you can find many options to watch your series for free. In the same way to use the Netflix Watch Free option. That is so you can enjoy the series online for free and with a good server navigation and download.


RTVE a la carta

Here you will find La 1 a la carta. Series, movies, documentaries, programs… Everything that Spanish television offers, in a complete online catalog that you enjoy a lot. And all this for free and totally legal. Spanish public television in a click.

Other sites worth checking out

Finally, after the information we have left here, it is important for us to tell you that there are other places online. Take note because you can enter to watch series or you can download them if you are a content collector. Here is the list for you to check them out:


This page is one of the most used and most important of the moment. Due to its free use, its large catalog and its management within the servers you can search for what you want to admire without any problem.


This is another page that has been talked about for a long time, due to its great performance and excellent download browsers. It has a lot of catalog where you can watch series online and of higher quality. Although… they closed it some time ago. And the subsequent pages that were created, such as Megadede, Plusdede, etc…

Series Danko

Donde ver series online gratis

This page has a very good section, since it will allow you to load your series in a fast and simple way. Of course, keep in mind that you have to know the name of the series you want to start watching so that the search engine can find it.


This is a very good site for all kinds of series. You can watch here everything you want because it has very good server load and you can download them as well.


This web section also includes a variety of movies and TV movies catalog. But its wide content in series is very varied so always keep it in mind when you want to spend a weekend glued to the screen.

In conclusion

These are highly recommended, have good content and are quick to use. In them, without a doubt, you can find all the series you want to watch totally free. But if you prefer movies, we invite you to enjoy free online movies.

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