Sadakatsiz: Summary of season 1

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Sadakatsiz is a Turkish soap opera about couples’ infidelity. It tells the story of Asya, a very successful doctor, who suspects that her husband is cheating on her with another woman. She is certainly not wrong. Here is the summary of season 1 of Sadakatsiz.

Sadakatsiz: Summary of season 1. The Plot

When Asya met Volkan, she was very lonely. Her parents had passed away and she was very young. Although she inherited a large fortune, she was left without family. When Volkan asks her to marry him, he changes her life.

After finishing medical school Asya and Volkan went to live in a small town, very close to Istanbul. Volkan’s relatives welcome her as a member of the family. They formed a happy union raising their son, Ali. Asya always dreamed of having a home like this.

As time went by, Asya prospered in her work as a doctor and Volkan’s business was going very well. Everything was going perfectly until the moment she found blonde hair in Volkan’s scarf.

Asya realizes that Volkan is having an affair with a girl, Derin. Worst of all, she discovers that everyone close to her knew about it and was hiding it from her.

Asya decides to confront Volkan. On the other hand, Ali wants his father to accompany him to the camp. This could affect Asya’s decision. Volkan and Ali leave for the camping, Asya goes to the hospital where a surprise awaits her that will shock her.

She discovers that Derin is expecting a baby. Asya thinks about what Volkan will decide. For how he responds to the child with his mistress will have repercussions on the life of his family.

Asya has an unexpected talk with her son. Later, Volkan and Asya receive the news that affects them deeply. This new situation makes Asya make other decisions. This will turn into something mysterious that will change Asya.

Tension increases

Surprisingly Volkan, Asya Ali and Derin, meet Haluk and Gönül in a restaurant and the tension increases. On the other hand, the situation of Volkan’s finances brings Asya’s plan for redress closer and closer.

Asya’s house is attacked, which makes her uncomfortable. However, she is determined not to allow Volkan to meddle in their lives. Ali is negatively affected by her parents’ situation. A problem at school causes the young man unpredictable results.

Volkan continues to have trouble controlling Derin’s reaction to Asya and Turkay’s friendship. While Asya takes reckless measures to find out who planned the attack.

Ali’s decision is a test for Asya and Volkan, but she wants to do it right for her son. Therefore, she makes decisions that no one expected. The estrangement between Asya and Volkan has upended Volkan’s life, the consequences will be shocking.

The events revealed with the arrival of Hicran deeply disturbed everyone. How Volkan reacts to the surprise of Asya’s past. Meanwhile, Derin is trying to improve his relationship with Volkan.

While Hicran and Haluk’s chance meeting sparks a major crisis, Gönül is determined and will not stand idly by, either for herself or her daughter. Selkuc reports that he is Haluk’s son causing much commotion. Gonul Guclu unexpectedly, launches a plan that drops like a bomb on the agenda.

Infiel: Resumen de la temporada 1

Big changes for Asya

Asya makes a move and causes the things that are happening to her to change completely. Unexpected news brings about a dangerous situation for Sinan, Asya, Derin and Volkan.

The unexpected news triggers a new crisis for Asya, Sinan, Volkan and Derin. Selçuk, who will not give in to Gönül’s demands, is determined to leave the Güçlü family in a serious situation.

Volkan decides to separate from Derin, feeling cornered as Derin reverts to her more aggressive reaction.

Derin disappears and everyone is startled, the city mobilizes to find her. Asya wants to stay away from this event, but circumstances challenge her. Volkan initiates the search for Derin with the idea of justifying Asya.

Volkan is confronted with the truth, Derin has planned her kidnapping to involve him and Asya, but it all comes crashing down on him.

Derin is expecting another child and manipulates Volkan to stop the divorce. Asya receives a visitor who tells her about her parents’ past, commenting that she was her father’s fiancée, but married her mother because she was pregnant.

Derin speaks openly about Asya’s past on Ali’s birthday. Asya confronts her by telling her about the abortion she had that Volkan did not know about. Later, Asya decides to talk to Derin, but Derin convinces her to go somewhere to deal with her problems. Derin takes the car and they crash, falling off the cliff. Thus ends the summary of season 1 of Sadakatsiz.

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