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In Movies and TV Series we are not only talking about cinema and television, but also about directors, actors and actresses who bring these productions to life. Moreover, every year, and more and more due to the pandemic, television and audiovisual theaters are not the only way to expose a production. Now streaming platforms have become very popular. We will talk about all this and much more here.

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Popular series

Series have increasingly monstrous budgets, which make them compete directly with cinema. In addition, as they are chapters after chapters, the investment and dedication in many occasions is greater. Series fans are delighted with this format because they are able to enjoy their favorite stories for a long time.

Top-grossing movies

This is the most common film format. There are movies from an hour and a half to four hours for the longest ones. Millions are invested in actors, directors, costumes… Although everything depends on the expectation it can cause and the resources assigned to it. Then the money invested is recovered at the box office or with its subsequent sale on DVD.

Film sagas

When the success of a film is guaranteed, many production companies choose to squeeze the profits to the maximum by publishing sequels to their films. This is how movie sagas were born, some of them mythical as time goes by. Although often the plot does not give much more of itself if it is extended than necessary, losing the level of the title. They are movie series.

Popular Actors of Movies and TV Series

Actors are the ones who bring to life the fantastic or alternative universes they tell us about. Some of them have worldwide fame, which makes them the most famous people in the world. So much so that they appear on the covers of the most popular magazines and media scandals. We stay with the artistic work they perform and the rumors about future projects.

Famous actresses of Movies and TV Series

In the case of actresses it is exactly the same as with actors. Although… with a subtle difference: they exploit their beauty and sexuality. Many of them are forced to expose themselves sensually to achieve greater fame. However, they are also great professionals and the most talented ones do not need to use their bodies to win over the public.

Successful directors

If actors and actresses are the ones in front of the cameras, directors are the ones behind them. Their talent does not consist in being able to act, but in getting others to act. They must also have great technique, imagination and mastery of the seventh art. That is why some directors are critically acclaimed. The whole world eagerly awaits their new projects.

Streaming platforms

As we said before, movie theaters and television are giving place to a new way of watching cinematic entertainment. These are the famous streaming platforms, which are becoming more and more trendy. Many of them publish series and movies exclusively, also doing the work of the production companies, to continue giving value to the best entertainment.

Featured Movies and TV Series

If you are still undecided on what to watch, then access the rankings we have prepared for you, so you can watch several movies of the same genre, country, year…. So, if you are a cinephile or seriologist, you can’t miss this section.

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