Vis a vis series breaks sexual taboos

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During 2017 we were able to watch a great Spanish series: Vis a vis. This series is about a women’s prison. There is a lot of drama, but also relationships. The main character Macarena (Maggie Civantos) has intimate encounters with the Rizos (Berta Vázquez) and the security guard (Roberto Enríquez). Let’s see why the series Vis a vis breaks sexual taboos.

Vis a vis, one of the series with more sexuality

Nowadays, it is not difficult to find series that contain scenes full of tone. But in the case of Vis a vis, all limits are crossed. For example, relationships between women are treated naturally. There is even infidelity and a lot of desire. And everything, starting from the basis that Macarena (the protagonist) is a normal girl who had a boyfriend outside the prison. But in this sordid environment, everything changes, even her sexual identity. But that is not the only reason why the series Vis a vis breaks sexual taboos. There are forbidden relationships between guards and prisoners, abuse, BDSM and some other aberrations. But the worst of all (or the best), is that it has been treated so naturally, that all these paraphilias are being normalized in the world of television.

This scene would be part of Sandoval’s abuses and would have its continuation in his relationship with Miranda. However, these are not the main scenes of these two perversions, that is why we have placed it here as an example.

The forbidden scenes of Vis a vis

  1. The perverse game of Miranda and Sandoval – This perverse game concentrates a lot of morbidity. Between the doctor and the director there is a brutal sadomasochistic madness.
  2. Sandoval abuses – The prison doctor takes advantage of his power to convince patients to perform oral sex on him… in exchange for favors.
  3. Saray and Rizos debauchery in the elevator – Rizos, after conquering Macarena, has a moment of horniness with his ex (the gypsy). They stop the elevator for a few minutes…
  4. Valbuena’s rape of Rizos – A violent security guard cruelly rapes one of the prisoners, Rizos. He then gives her a cold shower…
  5. Macarena and Rizos in bed – This is one of the most famous scenes of the series. The innocent blonde lets herself be seduced by her colored cellmate… even though she has a partner.
  6. The forbidden love between Macarena and Fabio – The protagonist will fight to win her freedom and to do so she will have passionate encounters with one of the prison’s security guards.
  7. Rizos and Saray’s quiz game – This time the couple plays a morbid quiz game… that ends in sex in the library.
  8. Sexy lingerie for Macarena’s calendar – The protagonist needs money to save her family, so she calls for a sexy lingerie photo shoot for a calendar.
  9. Rizos challenges Macarena to give her a kiss – Both have a secret relationship. The blonde does not want to make it known, because she has not yet come out of the closet. But her lover provokes her.
  10. The sensual approach of Zulema and Helena – Both women approach each other, in a sensual dance, until they almost brush their lips.

These are the hottest scenes. We see how the series Vis a vis breaks sexual taboos.

Variety of sexual taboos perverted by Vis a vis

As you can see Vis a vis is a Spanish series with a lot of sex. It has a lot of drama, but it stands out more for the sexual games that take place in it. And it is not conventional sex, but there are many hot moments, nudity and paraphilias that are treated with total naturalness. That’s the magic it gives off. I remember we used to know it as “the lesbian series”, because the sex scenes between women are abundant. In fact I think there are very few chapters that do not contain hot moments between women.

La serie Vis a vis rompe tabúes sexuales

However, what this series stands out for, as far as sexuality is concerned, is for naturalizing taboos. That there is madness of woman against woman is the softest thing we can find. As you can see above, there are sexual abuses, rapes, BDSM… Such perverse games that would scandalize any mother watching the series with her children. But such is the world we live in, as sexualized as it is prone to violence. And sometimes these two elements come together for a conjunction only suitable for the morbid. For all these reasons, the series Vis a vis breaks sexual taboos.

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