The Ages of Lulu

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The Ages of Lulu is a 1990 Spanish film that Bigas Luna directed. This film fundamentally laid the foundation for what is known today as a good dramatic film.. That is why in this post we will be giving you a review of this film on a technical and argumental level.


  • Original title: Las edades de Lulú
  • Alternate title: The Ages of Lulu
  • Released: 1990
  • Country: Spain
  • Duration: 99 minutes
  • Genre: Drama, erotic
  • Production Company: Apricot Films, Iberoamericana Films
  • Available on: Movistar+, FlixOlé
  • Director: Bigas Luna
  • Cast: Francesca Neri, Fernando Guillén Cuervo, Óscar Ladoire, Rodrigo Valverde, Javier Bardem, María Barranco. Pilar Bardem, Rosana Pastor, Juan Graell, Carmen Grey, Pep Coromina, Pepa Serrano, Marta May, Juan Sala. José Antonio Navarro, Ángel Jove, Amado Cruz, Luis Maluendas, Marina Carresi, Pietro Olivera, Leonor Bruna.

The Ages of Lulu Review

The 1990 film called The Ages of Lulu, brought with it a very interesting and absorbing story. Has a near-perfect direction and a unique technicality to the screen. In terms of lighting and camera, shots were handled so that you could see in detail what the characters were feeling or doing. A clear example is when Lulu tries to satisfy her inexperienced lover with a shot of the two of them in the car on a rainy night.

The lighting, directed by cinematographer Fernando Arribas, is almost impeccable. For each shot he showed the correct lightning. The red to unleash passions both in the audience and what the characters were transmitting, and the blue with white. This blue and white lighting was used mainly for the cold and not very warm scenes of the characters.

On the other hand, Antonio Alvarado made the costumes. Meanwhile the ages of the main character goes by, the fresh style of the other characters advance. We must also give him credit for the correct use of harnesses and restraints in certain scenes. Since they are also part of the accessories that can occur in real life situations.

Bigas Luna, the film’s director, has other great works. All of them positioned him as an exclusive director of dramatic films. However, his best film is The Ages of Lulu. This is strictly for two reasons, the way they told and developed the story

The film explores many feelings throughout, such as abandonment, sexuality, love and desire. In addition, it explores how Lulu has to be to mature before her time and her reaction to situations on the edge. In like manner deals with the theme of self-destruction, which is very interesting. So the production moves through a bit of everything. Is very striking when it goes into close-ups.

Las edades de Lulú

Final comments

The film features Francesca Neri, who was a minor even when she started acting in the film. Óscar Ladoire, Maria Barranco, Fernando Guillén Cuervo, Rosana Pastor and Javier Barden. All of them were gradually catapulted into various films as they progressed in their film careers. Equally important, Pablo González del Amo carried out the editing of the film. He made it clear that it would become one of the most watched films of the genre.

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