Jennifer Lopez

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Jennifer Lopez is an American actress, singer, dancer, songwriter, producer, designer, entrepreneur, choreographer, perfumer and philanthropist. She is even part of the jury of the American Idol show. A real talent that we are going to discover below.

Jennifer Lopez Biography

Jennifer Lynn Lopez, better known as Jennifer Lopez, was born in New York in 1969. Her parents are Puerto Rican. She has two sisters. During her childhood she studied singing and dancing. This helped her to start her career in music videos for singers like Puff Daddy and Janet Jackson. In 1986 she made her film debut in the movie My Little Girl.

During the 1990s he appeared in television series: In Living Colour, Second Chances, South Central or Hotel Malibu. At the end of the decade she appeared in more popular movies such as Selena, Anaconda, U Turn or Out of Sight.

In 1999 she triumphed as a singer by releasing the album On the 6. After numerous failed couples Jennifer Lopez got together with Ben Affleck and this helped her to share the billboard in movies like Gigli and Jersey Girl. She was also with Marc Anthony, with whom she did some musical duets like No me ames and with whom she had twins in 2008. From then on, both Jennifer Lopez’s film and recording career went from strength to strength.

Jennifer Lopez’s home video

Among her failed partners we find Ojani Noa, Jennifer Lopez’s first husband and Supervivientes contestant, with whom she made a home video. It is an intimate video of almost 30 minutes where they both have sex during their honeymoon.

The rights to this video were taken to court and the legal battle was won by Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband. Claudia Vazquez, Ojani Noa’s partner, was in charge of taking the video to the net, but along the way they received numerous millionaire offers from adult film companies.

Jennifer Lopez

Noa also tried to publish a book about how the actress became famous, but this time Jennifer Lopez managed to beat him in court. And lastly, Ojani Noa has appeared on talk shows declaring that Jennifer Lopez is racist, unfaithful and a witch.

Jennifer Lopez Filmography

  • My Little Girl, 1986
  • In Living Color (series), 1990
  • My family, 1995
  • Money Train, 1995
  • Blood & Wine (Sangre y vino), 1996
  • Jack, 1996
  • Selena, 1997
  • U Turn, 1997
  • Anaconda, 1997
  • Out of Sight, 1998
  • The Cell, 2000
  • Angel Eyes, 2001
  • The Wedding Planner, 2001
  • Enough, 2002
  • Maid in Manhattan, 2002
  • ¿Shall We Dance?, 2004
  • Jersey Girl, 2004
  • An Unfinished Life, 2005
  • Monster-in-Law, 2005
  • El cantante, 2006
  • Bondertown, 2006
  • The Back-up Plan, 2010
  • Sellebrity, 2012
  • What to Expect When You’re Expecting, 2012
  • Parker, 2013
  • Shades of Blue (series), 2015
  • Lila & Eve, 2015
  • The Boy Next Door, 2015
  • Home, 2015
  • Chance (series), 2016
  • Shades of Blue (series), 2016
  • Second Act, 2018
  • Hustlers, 2019

Jennifer Lopez in music

This woman is better known for her musical work than for her film appearances. Even so, she has more than one interesting movie, which is well worth watching. She especially exploits her sensuality, because she enjoys a divine body that God gave her. She also knows how to move it, to drive her fans crazy. Her acting skills have also been reflected in the music videos of her most famous songs, being a milestone in Latin pop.


  • On the 6, 1999
  • J. Lo, 2001
  • This is me… then, 2002
  • The Reel Me, 2003
  • Rebirth, 2005
  • Como ama una mujer, 2007
  • Brave, 2007
  • Love?, 2011
  • Dance again… the Hits, 2012
  • A.K.A., 2014

Most popular songs by Jennifer Lopez

  1. No me ames – On the 6
  2. Qué hiciste – Como ama una mujer
  3. On the floor – Love?
  4. If You Had My Love – On the 6
  5. Papi – Love?
  6. Amor se paga con amor (Love don’t cost a thing) – J. Lo.
  7. Get right – Rebirth
  8. I’m into you – Love?
  9. Jenny from the block – This is me… then
  10. Como ama una mujer – Como ama una mujer

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