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Desire is an Argentine film. It is a psychological thriller very charged with sensuality. In it there are fantasies and relationships of all kinds, even bordering on the dangerous line of the forbidden. It plays with taboos. Below you can watch it online.


  • Original title: Desearás al hombre de tu hermana
  • Year: 2017
  • Country: Argentina
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Genre: Thriller, drama, erotic
  • Production Company: Corbelli Producciones, Aleph Media, INCAA
  • Available to watch on: Energía Entusiasta, Netflix
  • Director: Diego Kaplan
  • Cast: Carolina Ardohaín (Pampita), Mónica Antonópulos, Guilherme Winter, Juan Sorini, Andrea Frigerio

Plot of Desire

Two sisters, who do not speak to each other, meet again for the wedding of one of them. They had a strong argument in the past and one of them cannot forget the fact that separates them. But the problem is aggravated when they cross glances of desire… the future husband of one of them and her sister.

Touching taboos

The first scene of the film, are two girls playing jumping on a cushion imitating the rider who rides on television. One of them has new sensations due to the rubbing of her private parts and will have for the first time sensations of a woman. The other one looks at him with envy wishing to feel the same. So begins Desire, with a declaration of intent. Stay well with this scene, because it will be repeated again and again.

Desearás al hombre de tu hermana

Alternating present and flashbacks

The story is told from two plot threads: the present (the wedding and reunion of two sisters) and what happened in the past (why they stopped talking to each other). They differ because one of them has dyed her hair blonde. A very interesting fact, but one that is not revealed until the end of the film. It doesn’t matter that we reveal it now, because it’s implied in the title. Still I put spoiler alert: one of the sisters lusts after her sister’s partners. But there is another fact that is repeated: the one who is getting married is attracted to watch her sister. Thus a dangerous game is played, bordering on the forbidden.

A very open education

During the flashbacks to the past, we see how it is the mother herself who encourages the teenage girls to have relationships with boys. During a sunny day at the beach, she proposes to two black brothers to meet her daughters. There will be very racy scenes, which have been widely criticized. The two sisters will go out with them.

What is most controversial is watching one of the sisters ask the other to teach her. And she teaches her how to kiss with tongue and other things, allowing her to do it to her own partner. This leads to a scene where we can see one of the sisters discovering her intimacy and the other watching her. She ends up throwing herself on her boyfriend’s lips completely surrendered.

Desearás al hombre de tu hermana

Desire has a great story

If we were to establish an eroticism ranking for this film, we would give it 4 out of 5 stars. It would only be surpassed by adult films. And the fact is that in almost the entire movie they are having sex, seducing, watching… But don’t think that it doesn’t have a plot, it does. In fact there is a puzzle that has to be put together, piece by piece. We recommend watching this film several times, to understand all the details. It is also enjoyable, because between the aforementioned scenes and the murky story that is told, there is good music in Spanish.

Desire is very visual.

Watching the movie Desire is super visual. The performances are so good, that just watching the characters having sex will awaken the most beautiful fantasies. But these scenes are so many, and so good, that you won’t be able to hold on until the end. You will feel complicit in the sister’s desire, watching the other one enjoy. It doesn’t matter who is who, you’ll discover that as you fit the pieces together. Especially with a final scene, in which it becomes clear why the future husband wears headphones in the intimacy.

It reminded me of the short film Algo que aprender. Or worse, you don’t know which of the two sisters is the more daring. Because… looking at the first scene, would you know who has epilepsy? A thriller so well thought out, that at times you’ll think you’re discovering the killer (metaphorically). And that infidelity in the rain, for God’s sake, it’s better than Match Point! There’s nothing better than enjoying an interesting plot and endless scenes so intense.

Desearás al hombre de tu hermana

But the worst thing is that it insinuates…

As I said before, there is a character worse than the most daring sister: the mother. She is the one who incites the girls to have sex. She talks about sexuality so openly, it’s normal for her to incite games. But there is one scene that crosses boundaries. She has a snake, which she treats like her late husband.

We don’t really see anything out of the ordinary, that’s all it would take, but treating the snake as the incarnation of her husband is already the worst innuendo in the film. Desire is an extraordinary film. It is not explicit, but what it insinuates crosses many boundaries. It has a number and variety of very intense, highly charged scenes. But it is worth more for what it hides, for the taboos that the viewer can imagine behind it. But make no mistake… Desire is not an erotic film.

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