The good doctor: Season 4

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The American television series The good doctor is a medical drama series. The developers are David Shore and Daniel Dae Kim. To date, the series based on its Korean namesake, has 4 seasons. This time we will talk about the summary of The good doctor season 4. It covers the theme of the Covid-19 pandemic and how Shaun, Park, Andrews and the rest of the doctors adapt to protect their loved ones at home.

About the first chapters

The first episode focuses on patients suffering from Covid-19 disease and two important characters become infected and must keep their distance. The theme of the virus and pandemic continues to be a central theme, with the doctors at the hospital beginning to feel overwhelmed by the deaths of patients and colleagues. However, there is reconciliation between Debbie and Glassman, Shaun shares with Lia in person. In addition, Andrews returns to sleep with his wife again and finally, Park ends his relationship with Mia for good.

For the third episode, Shaun, Claire and Park must supervise 6 aspiring residents to find out who remains in the hospital as there are only four positions available. The episode focuses on a patient who falls into a coma after a breast implant surgery. Andrews discovers that it is due to a blood clot in the brain and the patient recovers. Subsequently, the 4 residents are chosen and Shaun, Park and Claire are given the job of training them.

The doctors at the hospital, working on two important cases: a patient with skin cancer and a patient pregnant with twins, whose body is trying to kill one of her children. Shaun seeks to be in charge and strives to be a great mentor to the residents.

The following The Good Doctor season 4 episodes

The fifth chapter, meanwhile, is based on a patient who has a dermal cyst and is in a polyamorous relationship. Asher, loses his first patient and is devastated. Finally, Morgan and Park perform a ritual to forget their exes.

The good doctor: Resumen temporada 4

Then, another case they have to deal with is a veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. For this, they turn to an experimental treatment to treat his condition. On the other hand, Shaun and Asher decide not to train the residents after the death of Asher’s first patient. Jordan gambles on having an abortion because of his religious beliefs. Later, however, she confesses that she had an abortion.

Lim, after her traumatic experience with the pandemic, changes her mood and mistreats her co-workers. Unfortunately, she then suffers a motorcycle accident. The next patient is one with a genetic predisposition to cancer. Also shown is the case of a man who tries to achieve immortality. In the process, he suffers disorders that will cause him pain for the rest of his life.

In season 4 of The good Doctor, Lim does not recognize that she suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder because of her illness. Then, her companions try to get her to acknowledge it and get her treated. At the same time, Shaun and Lea have a hard time when Lea’s parents come to visit and judge their daughter’s decisions. So much for this season’s story. Surely in the next one we will finish tying up some loose ends and see how each character’s stories conclude.

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