The Boat: Summary and ending

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We talk about one of the Spanish series with the best story. Below we are going to summarize the complete plot including the ending, so if you are planning to watch it, I recommend you not to continue reading, because there are many spoilers. But if you have watched it and you still have some gaps: this is your site. We bring you The Boat Summary and ending. Especially now that you can watch it on Netflix.

You still have time to enjoy it!

The Boat is one of my favorite series. In the link you can find out where you can watch it today and much more information. If you missed it at the time, you still have time to enjoy it. Although… you might need a little hype to get you in the mood. Here it goes… Just watch the video below! But, beware of spoilers.

Review of the last chapter

Many people have criticized the last chapter of the series, comparing it to Resines’ dream (in the finale of Los Serrano). I have to say that it is an intelligent ending and I must explain why. Next I will tell the main plot of the whole series, I will solve most of the unknowns and you will know the reason for this ending. It is what I have been able to fit into the puzzle of enigmas that have formed. Of course, it has covered my expectations, although I hope there will be more…

Ingredients of this great series

People used to criticized or praised the good productions. It is inevitable. The Boat: summary and ending has too many ingredients (love, humor, friendship, family, mystery…) to satisfy everyone. The key moments are highly impactful, but they get lost among irrelevant scenes that make one type of audience despair, while others enjoy it. Hence the decline.

A successful series… outside Spain

However, The Boat has not collapsed and is one of the most talked about series on the Internet, for better or worse, and has been sold to 23 countries in Europe and Latin America. It is even going to be filmed again with other actors. But this success has not been accompanied in Spain, because it lost its audience progressively until Antena 3 decided not to bet on the 4th season. For this reason they had to extend the 3rd season and conclude the adventure hastily.

It has not been possible to solve all the unknowns, although the main plot has been clarified. At the end of the post I will tell why such an open ending and why, under my point of view, it exceeds all my expectations. Do not read on if you intend to watch it, but if not or if you have already seen it, pay attention:

What is told through flashbacks in the series

In this summary and ending of The Boat we want to share what is told throughout the series through flashbacks of the main characters. A scientist, Roberto Snaider, discovered a flaw in the Geneva particle accelerator that would produce a global catastrophe that would sink 99% of the earth under the sea. He then elaborated the Alejandria Project, a salvation plan in the event of such a catastrophe. Seven ships would be saved by being placed in strategic points of the geography. The idea was to create a better world, but very powerful and corrupt people dominated the project, turning the 7 ships into organ banks for their exclusive survival. That is why they are “chosen” whose lives are essential for the “new” project.

Snaider realized the move and went ahead: he injected a virus, which reacts with the air, into the corrupt people of the project, forcing them to breathe with a mask. He kept the antidote in code in the famous red folder and hid it in the training ship “Polar Star”, one of the 7 ships destined to survive. But Gamboa and another thug, trying to force him to confess where he had the red folder, plunged him into the water, leaving him practically dead. Ulises appeared and saved his life. But when Roberto woke up he was no longer the same (or so he pretended), because a bubble got into his brain, causing him mental lag.

El Barco: resumen y final

Summary of the beginning of the series The Boat

The series begins when the ” Polar Star ” sets sail from land and is caught in an apocalyptic storm. One of the people from the Alejandria project takes control of the ship, placing it in exactly the right place to hold on. In the following chapters they must come to terms with the fact that the world as they knew it has changed and they are now faced with abnormal phenomenons.

They see a plane crash into the sea and among the wreckage they find the black box. This confirms that the world has disappeared, but there is still hope because among the recordings is that of a plane that has sighted land. They also discover that among the boxes on board, there is a locator with a bomb controlled by the members of the Alejandria Project.

On one occasion, under an intense fog, Gamboa tries to flee and Ulises tries to stop him by shooting him. They both fall into the raft and Ulises saves his life, healing him, but when the ship returns for them, Gamboa is gone. He has been picked up by the nuclear submarine where they find the bigwigs of the project and a girl debating between life and death. Gamboa, the ship’s bully, is actually a good person who obeys orders to save his daughter. A few days later he returned to the ship safe and healthy.

Boxes with food, fuel and 4 castaways appear in the sea and are picked up. But in reality the 4 castaways are members of the Alejandria Project. They are there to recover the black box. The intention is that they do not discover the location of the land. They flee, unable to take it with them, but as they are unable to decipher any more information, they are not attacked again.

The Russian ship and the skyscraper

They find the Russian ship, another of the 7 surviving ships, and decide to investigate. It seems that there is no one inside. At the same time, the submarines kidnapped Burbuja and De la Cuadra. They are taken to the nuclear submarine where they cure De la Cuadra of cancer and Burbuja must perform a complicated equation. After that, they are returned to the “Polar Star”. Ainhoa and Ulises decide to have an “adventure” on the Russian ship.

El Barco: resumen y final

They did not abandon their search for land, and following a duck, they managed to see a light on the horizon. Before arriving they find the Russian ship, where Ainhoa and Cho Sung, a Chinese who joins the group, are, but Ulises went to the light to explore the danger. When they reach the light they discover that underneath is a city where only a skyscraper stands several stories above sea level. Inside are many people who survived the cataclysm and, after rescuing Ulises, they discover that the hotel is a prison from which they cannot escape.

The “Polar Star” would be their escape route, so they try to take it by force. But a blind Gamboa gets Ulises to transfer the bomb locator to the Russian ship and convinces the group of assailants to take the ship, and then destroy it with them inside. Max, the leader of the men in the building, reveals to them the earth coordinates in exchange for the position of Ulises, who would stay in the skyscraper instead. There are very interesting all the details that this summary and ending of The Boat involve.

The Boat, summary and ending: Arrival at the island and the red folder

When they arrive at the island one group camps there. The other group returns with the boat to the building to get Ulises and the rest of the survivors. On the island Max tells Ainhoa that they are not safe. The reason, there are people there who want to kill them and he disappears in the jungle. When they go to look for him they must turn back because there is a group of armed men shooting at them. Meanwhile the ship had arrived at the building. But there was no one there because another ship arrived and took them away by force.

Burbuja remembers where he kept the red folder and Gamboa discovers it and warns his superiors. Finally the captain, Ricardo, interferes and convinces him not to hand it over, but the nuclear submarine comes after them to hunt them down. They manage to escape through a crack in an iceberg.

On the island Ahinoa and Piti find a house in the jungle, where they find Max. Piti returns to the beach with the rest of the group, finding them tied up by armed men looking for Gamboa. Piti, in an act of bravery, impersonates Gamboa and discovers that they are following orders from the submarine. However, a plane drops a package in the sky and changes the plans. The armed men run to the house to target it from a distance. Roberto’s girlfriend arrives as a diver to the ship, in search of her love… but he meets Burbuja.

El Barco: Burbuja y la carpeta roja

The captain destroys the red folder

The ship comes ashore and a group led by the captain with the red folder go to the house. Armed men were waiting for them outside. Tension then mounts because the men from the submarine take the boat to get the red folder, which is gone. Gamboa discovers with apprehension that his daughter believes her father is Alexander: the leader of the Alejandria Project. The package, dropped by the plane, contained weapons and gifts for the group. But there was also a parachutist: Ulises. He, along with two others, go to the house to help their own…

The gunmen shoot at will, seriously wounding Valeria, the captain’s daughter. Ricardo, completely mad, comes out of the house with the red folder in his hand and burns it. Thus burning the hope of life of the men of the project. Then Alexander, from the ship, orders to kill them all. But Gamboa, completely humanized, suggests one last possibility: that the antidote data is still in Roberto Snaider’s head.

Burbuja or Roberto Snaider?

Burbuja, with the help of his girlfriend, returns to his former self. He stands in front of Alexander and convinces him that he is still the same. But that he has pretended to be a fool so that they won’t ask him any more questions. It was the only way to get them to leave him alone after creating the virus that is killing them. In fact he textually says that “Burbuja” is his most brilliant project (excellent performance by Ivan Massage, for this alone it is worth watching the whole series). He must accompany them in the submarine and cure them of the virus that keeps them at bay. Thanks to that, Alexander orders not to kill his friends who are still in the house.

The Boat: Summary of the final battle between Gamboa and Ulises

In this summary and ending about The Boat we want to include the last final act that left: Gamboa wants his daughter back and to do so Alexander asks him to kill Ulises. Both come face to face, on the seashore, with Gamboa aiming at Ulises. And here’s what I think happened: Gamboa, who had played the good guys, asked Ulises to pretend to be dead. This idea was in order to get his daughter back. The tragic farewell by walkie with Ainhoa, was totally necessary for Alexander to swallow the scene. Possibly Ulises, placing a cover under his shirt, emulated his death. So, some time later everyone is happy and Ainhoa marries… with whom she had chosen. But all this remains in the air and obscured by? The catastrophe that repeats itself?

The Boat: Summary and ending, Ulises vs Gamboa

The Boat: Summary, finale and the unknowns that remain in the air

Okay, now you know the answers to the unknowns with this summary and ending of The Boat. So I will tell you the ones that are still up in the air and why. It is not clear what happens with Burbuja. He entered the submarine, that’s the only true. After a while he managed to come back (they wanted to leave a happy ending in every way). However, there is no mention of whether he cleaned them up at all. If so they would be free to do whatever they want or if they continue with the treatment.

Nor is it known whether it is Roberto pretending to be Burbuja or vice versa (although this is one of the strengths of the series). It is not known if Ulises lived after Gamboa’s shooting or was the necessary martyr. Neither is it known where Ulises was. Also what happened to the survivors of the skyscraper and the ship that arrived before the ” Polar Star”. Who is piloting the plane, and are there more survivors outside of Project Alejandria? There seems to be more land besides the island, but they don’t say anything about it. Is Ulises’ conversation with his father missing?

Why do these doubts remain at the end of the series?

But I think these doubts have been kept intelligently. The creator, Iván Escobar, did not want it to die here and tried to make a disconcerting ending. This would stir up the social networks so that another channel would decide to continue the adventure. If you notice, the shot of the last scene is not at the same time as the rest of the chapter. In my opinion it is a trailer, an invitation for another production company to sign the team, as it happened with Vis a vis.

The last episode had an expectation of 2.5 million, making it the second most watched program, after Cuéntame. It is still not an excessive amount, but the Internet has become agitated. There is a multitude of comments, criticisms and praise, because it has left no one indifferent. Who knows if next year we will see the sequel of the series under another title? Just as it happened with Hispania and Imperium it may happen now. And now that they found land in the series, resembling Lost, are you sure no one will bet on this idea after knowing the magnificent summary and ending of The Boat series?

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